The Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) focuses on innovation processes in learning, teaching, training, and skills development in a systemic perspective and based on fundamental processes of change such as demographic, technological and societal change.

ILI is part of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nurnberg (FAU), which is the second largest university of Bavaria. The Institute's relevant research and experience from continuously monitoring societal trends since 1976 has developed into the following lines of research all reflected by projects: life long and life wide learning, learning in new settings, equal access to learning, skills development for teachers, quality assurance and evaluation and modeling of educational systems.

Since 1986, ILI participates in European projects around the topic of technology enhanced learning. At the moment, ILI employs about 30 researchers and developers with different academic backgrounds. ILI has a lot of experience in participating and coordinating European, national and regional research projects. The institute is also responsible for the e-learning environment of the university and the development of innovative learning solutions at the university and for other target groups like children, students, teachers and older adults.


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