The European Commission has just released a report with important data on teaching languages at schools in Europe. The report present key policies for language teaching in schools, focusing on foreign languages. Students with migrant backgrounds are at the focus of the report, as Europe is composed by a variety of languages and hosts migrants from different countries.

Multilingualism exists in almost every school in Europe. The report presents different indicators for teaching, with useful insight for educators and policy makers. In the report, it is quoted (p. 11):

"The 'Main Findings' bring together the key points from each of these chapters with particular emphasis on the following issues:

  • the provision of foreign languages in the curriculum, with a focus on the first and second foreign languages as compulsory subjects;
  • the range of languages studied;
  • content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL);
  • the expected levels of attainment for the first and second foreign languages;
  • foreign language teacher profiles and qualifications;
  • transnational mobility of foreign language teachers;
  • language support for newly arrived migrant students.”

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