The 4th March 2016 a Focus Group is held between Oxfam ‘s trainers and Mochi Levane School ‘ Teachers to collect the formative need of the teachers and the best practices on plurilingualism.

10 Participant attended this meeting: 5 Teachers from primary School, 4 from Lower secondary class and 1 vice-principal.

All together spoke about the multilingualism topics. The teachers told what they know about multilingualism, which activities they organized in the past in order to promote it, the problems and limits that face everyday.

It comes out a very important discussion about the importance of Multilingualism in the educational programme:

Teachers are very concerned about this topic, ideas come all of a sudden and there is not a specific planning (apart from the LSCP project, which concerns a primary class anyway). In general, parents are welcoming, no one of them has ever thought this kind of activities take time to school, but we cannot exclude that someone could complain about it in the future.

The teachers seem conscious of some limits of their approach and agree with the necessity of working more in terms of developing learning for anybody (skills and knowledge) by using a multilingual comparison (similarities and differences, developing curiosity for other linguistic repertoires and metalinguistic knowing).

All teachers are very motivated to implement the VALUE activities to spread the plurilingualism at school for the next year.