Have a look at the picture and try to read the nursery rhymes below. It sounds a little bit strange, but you know it for sure!

Tonton Bouki, Tonton Bouki,
Ou ap dòmi? Ou ap dòmi?
Lévé pou bat tanbou-a, Lévé pou bat
Ding ding dong ! Ding ding dong !

Could you recognize the song? And the language? Where could this language come from?

If you play an instrument, these few musical notes could help you!

Otherwise, don’t worry! Click here and you will find a lot of kids who know this song all over the world (and the solution to the question in what language Tonton Bouki is written). Is there the song in your mother tongue too? If not, don’t forget to record the song and send it to help complete the collection.

If you like drawing, click here for downloading the picture.


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